What is your God like?

Godfather of Reno Casinos or Father God?

Sometimes a phrase I read or something that someone says jumps out at me, I expect it’s just the same for you. I had one of those moments a few weeks ago. I was reading something posted on the web by an internationally-known Bible teacher and could not believe my eyes.

As with a lot of my recent thinking I asked the question, “what does that say about the character of God?”

What did I read that caused me to be so shocked? Continue reading “What is your God like?”

Throw the bath water but please don’t lose the baby

The title of this blog is particularly relevant for me today because my youngest granddaughter is coming to stay and next week my wife and I will be helping to look after our oldest son’s children. But it’s not literal babies that I have in mind as I write.

I am concerned about the figurative baby at the centre of my faith. The “baby” that is – my understanding of who God is and what He is like.

I recently went to the funeral of a young Christian worker who had died in his mid thirties. After the service someone Continue reading “Throw the bath water but please don’t lose the baby”

Who’s looking at you?

Spiritual beings in a spiritual world?

Have you watched “The Listener” or “The Ghost Whisperer”?

What’s your concept of the spiritual?

What’s behind the seemingly unreasonable anger that we see all around us almost every day?

The book of Job, in the Bible, begins with the curtain being pulled back and a little bit of the spiritual world being exposed. God is presiding over his council meeting and Satan walks in. The question God asks him is a simple one: “Where have you come from?” The answer comes back quickly, “From roaming through the earth and going to and fro in it”. Continue reading “Who’s looking at you?”

Dog lovers may not understand!

Imagine sitting with two friends by the side of the river. It’s Saturday lunchtime and you are enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly one of your friends says “it’s taken my sandwich”.

The friend had been laying on his side on the blanket, holding the sandwich in his right hand and because you had all been talking, his hand had been loosely by his side. Looking across to your friend you see a small Jack Russell terrier behind him. The dog had stolen Continue reading “Dog lovers may not understand!”