Don’t give up – Psalm 13

How long God?

I started writing this blog on 29th Nov. My previous blog on the Psalms was posted on 5th November. It’s now another 12 days and I am only just ‘picking up’ writing again! That’s a long time, especially as I had hoped to write about one psalm each week, or is it?

All sorts of things have got in the way; some of them have been trivial but, others more serious. Whatever has transpired, time has gone by!

The idea of ‘quick answers’ to prayer is not a common one in the bible.

Hearing God speak seems to take time even for established prophets!

Jeremiah prayed for 10 days before he received God’s word a group of Army officers who wanted to know whether or not they should flee to Egypt (Jer 42:7). Daniel prayed and fasted for three weeks before an angel visited

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